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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Face Lift

I would just like to take a second to show you the lovely background that my husband created especially for me… Without my knowledge or consent…

… At least he is confident in my love.

As you may or may not know, we have been giving our sweet, little, semi- disgusting in places, extremely old fashioned, wood paneled home a face lift. Before we even moved in at all my family came over and spent a few hours cleaning and making it less overwhelming for us (They rock. Winner!). More recently my mom and I spent a good 5 hours scrubbing down the kitchen and preparing it for paint. If you have never painted a dirty old kitchen before then you simply cannot imagine how awful it is and how long it takes to even get to the point where you can open the blasted cans and get some paint on the darn walls.

This is what our house looked like before we started:::

Nice ay?I know you are jealous... it's ok. I understand. I am livin the dream man!

We, my mom and I, scrubbed all of the cabinets, sprayed them all with bleach water and Maleluca. Ohhhh. If you have not heard of Maleluca (which seems unlikely for those of you living in Rexburg…) you should definitely get on it. Incredible disinfecting powers, no harmful fumes or toxins! I spent a bajillion hours cleaning the repulsive refrigerator. I thought about taking a picture, but decided to spare you. Ryan somewhat reluctantly volunteered his services as Dead Mouse Remover. Then I wiped down every hideously wood paneled surface in the beast with more bleach water. Finally it looked like this:::

That’s my momma, she declined my invitation to pose…

HEY! Quick sidenote. Remember how I told you about Ryan’s cute little surprise the other night??? Here’s what it looked like:::

We like him.


Mom and I painted our little hearts out, while our husbands worked on The Water Problem to no avail. I was on ceiling duty. Which can get pretty tiring…

And desperate times call for desperate measures. Although... unless you are a fan of large paint drops on your forehead, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend lying down on the floor to paint the ceiling.

Ryan is not a fan of picture taking:

Kitchen: Primed!

Now on to the real stuff!

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