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Friday, March 28, 2014

The quickest, most incredible, beautiful, wonderful, glorious, tear-filled, loudest, proudest year.

When Kylan was born, I found a piece of myself that I didn't know was missing. A vital piece, without which, life is just not possible. How then, did I ever live without him?! I have been wondering that for an entire year now.

I am, so often, completely overwhelmed with love for him and gratitude for the privilege of being his mother. What a special year it has been!
** I know it's been quite a long time since Ky's birthday, but I wrote most of this right after he turned one and like I said, I am still going to post it :)

I have a one year old. ONE. My son has had a birthday. Because he is one. We have celebrated the first anniversary of his birth. Because it happened a year ago... Yeah, no matter how much I say it, it just refuses to sink in! My boy is so big!!!

A few weeks ago he discovered that he can climb up onto the ottoman. Since then, he has expanded his conquered territory from the living room floor to encompass all the mountainous terrain that is the furniture! Climbing up on the couch may just be his favorite thing to do.

He is also a big fan of throwing fits... When he is unhappy with the way things are going down, he has no qualms about letting you know it. We are talking arched back, limp noodle legs, whining, crying, and a death grip on whatever it is he wants. This might be a bit inconvenient if it weren't so darn cute!!!

Kylan's receptive language is great, and when he wants to, he is really good at following simple directions. As far as expressive language goes, mostly it's just "mama" and "dada" and if I'm being completely honest..... Really it's a whole lot of "dada", which Ryan loves. If Ryan is in a different room, Kylan will stand at the gate and call to him! It just melts my heart, seeing them together :)

Kylan took his first, precious, unsteady, little steps the day before his birthday! I was completely stunned and unbelievably excited! Since then he has started standing up, without any assistance and without holding on to anything, more and more. He takes a few steps a day, but it takes a lot of coaxing to make it happen. I have found that I have to use just the right toy and be the perfect distance away...too close and he just grabs me and walks over holding on to me, too far away and he decides walking isn't worth it, so he plops down and crawls. I know that he is capable, he just wants to do it in his own time and that is just fine with me! I love my little boy!

Kylan loves swimming. He has so much fun in the water, kicking and splashing and smiling like crazy! He especially loves wading pools, where he can crawl and walk around. He also really loves putting things into buckets or Tupperware. He loves knocking down towers I build for him. Ky loves playing ball. He throws the little tennis ball all over and gets so excited. He especially loves it when he has an audience and gets a round of applause!

It's amazing how quickly time goes by. I am so blessed. I have loved every second of being a mama this past year and am so grateful for the sacred responsibility.

11 months... Better late than never!

Playing catch up!!!
I would like to offer this short story as an explanation for my hiatus...
Once upon a time, my compute died and life moved on so fast that blogging was just not a priority. The end.

My sweet Kylan is now more of a little boy than a baby! But because this is my blog and I do what I want I am still going to post the 11 and 12 month posts I started like 7 or 8 months ago! And then maybe I will try to get up to date!

Some of the highlights from my little one's journey from 10 to 11 months include:

Waving, Kylan really perfected his wave during this time! And not only that but he really grew to looooove it. He will wave at complete strangers and even trees. Sometimes, when the little sweetie is tired, you get the thumb-sucking wave, and oh man, I tell you what, it is the cutest thing!!!

He also really mastered clapping and by the time 11 months came around, he was a pro. Watching his little face light up as he claps is one of my favorite things ever.

Because we started solid foods pretty late, Kylan didn't really start feeding himself till about 10 months, but he picked it up really fast. During this time we also moved to three meals of solid food a day, with some snacks in between... Because my boy eats breakfast, lunch, dinner, just like a big kid!

Kylan got the hang of walking while pushing things really quick and by the time he was 11 months he could walk while holding one of my hands. He is getting more and more steady on his feet all the time!

Playtime for Kylan is getting so fun and exciting. He loves imitating. When I put a toy on my head and let it fall off, he laughs so much and then tries so hard to put the toy on his head so he can do it too. It is amazing watching him learn! He also really loves combing his hair. If you give him a brush or a comb, he immediately begins running it through his hair (or skimming it across the top of his head).

He is getting so big, so fast and I feel incredibly blessed to be able to love him, teach him, and watch him grow!