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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

8 months

.... Come again? My baby is how old?

I know, I know. I wonder though. Will it ever cease to amaze me, how fast this kid grows, how old he is, how big he is, how much I love him, how perfectly adorable he is?... I doubt it.

From a super quick and not super accurate measuring the other day (to see if we could squeeze in one more use of our infant carseat, so that we didn't have to take his new one out of our car), we determined that he is definitely over 29 inches these days... but as far as stats go, that's all I got for ya!

This month has been a super fun one. Kylan is so playful and is such a joy! Plus we had quite a few exciting new developments!

Kylan zooms around like a little crawling speed racer. He is in and out and all around, everywhere. Tiny little spaces between furniture suddenly become mysterious and alluring baby tunnels when he is near. And no obstacle is too daunting for him to take on. He gets himself into the most entertaining situations because he things he can go anywhere and do anything!

It wasn't long after he started crawling that Baby Gus started pulling himself up to a standing position. He started with our super fancy schmancy printer cover/PS3 stand (also known as an upside down laundry basket!) and then quickly moved on to the ottoman and the couch. Soon he was pulling himself up and standing in his crib! I had to move his bed down twice because that giant monster boy is just so tall. The kid totally tries to climb out of his crib too, so its a good thing I moved it when I did! He also really enjoys pulling himself up on the baby gate and bookshelf... Oh the joys of baby-proofing that have come my way!

Kid has also started cruising along the couch and ottoman, taking a few unsteady, perfectly endearing side-steps at a time. It is so fun to watch him work for what he wants, and to see his face light up when he finally reaches the toy or remote or whatever the object of his desire might be. He doesn't go too far or too fast yet, but I am sure that in no time he will be walking along the couch like a pro!

This month was also when Kylan's first tooth appeared! His super smart dental assistant/almost hygienist auntie informed me that said adorable tooth is a "p" tooth. I have always loved Kylan's huge and completely contagious grin, but it is so fun seeing his little tooth peeking out now! I love that one-tooth smile :)

We started little man on "solids" or as I call it "real food" (because breastmilk is fake food? eh... who knows or can understand how my brain works!)... He is not so much a fan of the lovely homemade brown rice cereal I whipped up for him but with the sweet potatoes it was love at first bite! We have also tried zucchini, and while he seemed to like them, they definitely did not get the enthusiasm that the sweet potatoes did. We are going to be trying avocado and bananas soon... I think those will both be a hit, but we shall see! He is so good at eating off of the spoon though, and feeding him is so much fun! He gets so excited, he jumps up and down and leans forward really far with his mouth open. And he is pretty much a black hole :) I get to the bottom of the bowl but there he is looking at me with his huge "p" tooth smile, jumping up and down practically screaming at me "Mom I am so excited for more food!!!!! Where is my next bite?!?!?!"

I am about a week late posting this but first Mr. Eight Months Old was sick, and now I am... So ya win some, ya lose some, ya write some a week late! No biggie :)