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Saturday, April 6, 2013

9 Months

Kylan is now nine months old. He is big and small and smart and funny and sweet and snuggly and mischievous and curious and inventive and resourceful and mobile and perfect. I tell him he is special every single day. I hope he always knows how loved he is. I am so proud of my boy.

Kylan has his nine months check up next week (NO SHOTS!!! YAY!) so I will fill ya in on his stats then. But as far as I know he is as tall and skinny as ever :)
*** Update! (I wrote this last week...) Kylan's appointment was yesterday! My boy is so big! He is 20 pounds 3 ounces and 30 inches tall!

I feel like this past month just sneaked right by. I even had to pull up my blog from last month so see what's new!

This boy is standing all over the place. He likes to tempt fate or gravity or whatever you want to call it, so while standing as sturdy as a little tree holding onto something, he suddenly decides that he no longer needs the support. Either that or he decides that the toy he is playing with is more important than his balance and therefore requires both hands. Usually he can handle a few seconds before he either rushes to meet the floor, or he grabs back onto whatever was helping keep him upright.

One of my favorite things lately is something simple, but infinitely sweet. When Kylan sees me, if he isn't too busy :), he crawls over to me speedy quick, and then pulls himself up and stands holding onto my legs. If his ability to do this also means that he can also get into pretty much anything that is put on our side tables... it is well worth it!

This month our laundry basket turned into the Baby Zoomer! I just made that name up right this very second, but I like it! We have contemplated buying Kylan some kind of push toy, so that he can practice his awesome pre-walking skills, but really why bother?! An upside down laundry basket is all this kid needs. I was completely astonished the first time he started walking across the room behind his little Baby Zoomer, but I guess I have to face the facts: this kid is going to be walking before I know it!

Another tooth has graced this adorable kiddo's smile this month. Kristine has informed me that it's name is "o"... slowly but surely we are building the alphabet in my little one's mouth! :) Right now he is working on one of his top teeth, hopefully it will be in soon!

We have now added banana, avocado, squash, and apple to the list of foods that Baby Gus has tried. Turns out, as far as Kylan is concerned, avocados are not to be eaten! Bananas and apples, he liked. And he was ok with squash... But sweet potatoes are still the reigning champion. I am not sure anything is going to be able to top them!

Little One has been sick this week, which is why we are so late in posting this! While I feel so bad for kiddo, I have really been loving how snuggly he is! In general, Kylan is a pretty cuddly boy, but since he hasn't been feeling well, he just lays on me almost all day long. I love this guy so much, it is mind blowing!

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