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Monday, July 11, 2011

Winner... and The Suck Pile.

Winner!!! I like to shout this whenever I am feeling triumphant:::

~Finally getting a phone! I am on my way to becoming a real adult again! (Not too long ago I was a fake adult.Which is kind of like a real one, except it is fake. On accout of it not being able to do anything that a real one can... My phone was broken. I had lost my wallet. All of our money is in Cubican's accout, to which I have no access. No talking, driving or buying= FAKE adult.) And now here I sit. 2/3 a real adult (I still have no dollars...)

~ McDonald's Sweet Chili sauce. 'nuf said.

~ Called to the Nursery. I get to play with the kiddos while all you poor schmucks have to sit in class! Plus in Ryan's words "We get snack!!!" Definitely a "WINNER" :)

~ Sleeping in till 11, and even then, not getting out of bed till noon. Ohhhhh yes.

~ Family barbecues. They make my soul sparkle.

The Suck Pile. Once upon a time, my sistas and I were creating works of crafty genius. Unfortunately the genius did not spred evenly to each creation... some were lacking. THese we threw into a pile... and thus the "suck pile" was born. And it is still going strong (in spirit) today. Turns out, there are a plethora of things that belong there:::

~No cell phone service or internet available anywhere in my casa. Yes. I literally live under a rock. OK , fine. Not literally. But I figuratively the heck out of it!!!

~ I have the hiccups right this very now. Freaking hate these body shaking eruptions. Grrrr. Or if I was Cassie: Hissssss.

~ Paint for my dumb house cost over $300.

~ The curtains in my dumb bedroom in my dumb house are currently just lace. So at night when we have our lights on, the dumb bugs are attracted and the idiot beast launch themselves at our window in an effort to reach the unattainable light source. The resulting sound is quite creepy and resembles the sound of mice pitter-pattering. Which is a possibility I refuse to consider!

~ We found out the hard way that our freezer, for whatever reason, is not cold enough to keep ice cream from turning into really sweet, thick milk...

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