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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Frog, Frog, BAT! ... kind of like "Duck, Duck, Goose" only more shocking

In an unexpected turn of events... I kind of like this blogging thing. I do indeedy. Which is lucky for you! I know you are all oh so interested in hearing what it is that I have to say. You don't have to admit it. It's ok. For now it can just be an unspoken truth!

There was a bat in the living room today. BAM! Came outta nowhere with that one didn't I!? You can re-read it now if you would like, I'll wait... I know it is a little hard to grasp. But yes, I am not being at all facetious. There was a BAT in the living room. Like a sonar-using, fruit eating, little, tiny, gray, Stellaluna BAT in the living room. I almost crapped a kitten. I don't know how up close and personal you have ever been with a bat, but hmmmm. Take a moment to consider the implications. I'll tell you how it went down:::
Kate and I were sittin there all happy and oblivious. Just watching "So you think you can dance". Cuz we are cool like that. Eating some incredible Jamba Juice frozen-yogurt-on-a-stick thing (completely delicious by the way, totally recommend them). When all the sudden Katie stops. She holds up her phone to shed some light on the situation. "What is that?!?! Is it a frog???!?!?".... no. Its not a frog. "I think it's a bat!!!" The freaking out commenced. Both of us jump off the couch and run away. Until we realize that we probably would actually rather keep an eye on our tiny, slightly creepy, winged friend. In the end with the help of a laughing mother, a pot and a big envelope the little darling was set free. And Katie could imitate how bats "walk" in peace. Its quite creepy (how they walk, not Katie's imitation), I tell you. But really. No big deal. I mean really, you didn't have to scream or anything... I sure didn't! Nope. No sir. Not even a little bit...


  1. Laughed so hard I nearly peed. Ah-maz-ing!

  2. hahahaha, bahahaha, ha! :D I need Kelly time someday soon :D

  3. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Ohhhhh myyyyyy goooooosh! I would have screamed and ran away and never ever come back! Bats creep me out! I'm so relieved that you are safe though!