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Monday, July 4, 2011

Finally home... ish

I feel that it is my duty as a newlywed to start a blog to document our life and other hopefully interesting tidbits! So lets get right down to it, shall we? YES, we shall.

Ryan and I, for some unknown reason decided it would be a lovely idea to elongate the wonderful wedding bliss by having not one, but two receptions along with a charming little open house. In theory this is a lovely idea. We have family and loved ones spread out across the country, so why not involve them all in our celebration, right? ... Turns out the answer to that is in fact right, but a very bittersweet right. Because in the fine print you will please note that in order to bring this seemingly harmless idea to fruition you have to drive 34 hours one way and then 36 hours back. Yeah. Let that mull over for a bit. Not so sweet anymore is it?

We drove 34 hours from Missouri to Oregon. Then from Oregon to Idaho. Then back home. Oh boy. Let me just say: it was awful.

Well the driving part that is. It was wonderful seeing Ryan's family in Oregon and then all of our college friends in Idaho. Plus, added bonus::: I got to visit the Portland and the Rexburg temples!
This trip was definitely not about money. It was about smiling and nodding while the amazing members of the Spanish Branch congratulate me... in Spanish... which I do not speak. And eating as much of my mother-in-law's incredible cooking as I could. And building sand houses (not castles, we are not that fancy) in the freezing wind on the Oregon coast. It was about Red Baron pizza 3 times a week, apparently it is the best frozen pizza ( I have that on good authority!). And preparing to jump in the ice cold river, chickening out and then getting pushed in.
All in all: sooooooo worth it :)

But I will forewarn you. Do NOT attempt a 70 hour road trip unless:::
- You are kind of willy nilly with your hygiene, and do not mind forgoing such basic necessities like showering and brushing your teeth.
- You either have air conditioning, a shaved head, or are ok with your tiny-little-hair-wisps-that-refuse-to-stay-bobby-pinned-back whipping you in the face and neck constantly.
- You love having a numb butt!
- Sleep is only something you like to flirt with casually, not have a full on 8-hours a day relationship with.
- You are not creeped out by truck stops, even at 4 in the morning...
- You have a car charger. And really I would make this one of the things you are in charge of. No delegating. Because apparently, "Honey, put this in the car" is not explicit enough and sometimes the charger turns up MIA.

Ahhh... How sweet it is to be finally home... ish... We are temporarily staying with my parents, on account of there not being running water in our home currently. As it turns out I am not generally a willy nilly hygiene type of girl.

Well. On to ice cream, sleep and other sweet things... Until I blog again! :)

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