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Our Boy: Kylan, the cutest little man ever

Our Girl: Rosie, tiny, precious, and full of spunk

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I am 36 weeks pregnant... And generally you see this ^ side of things! And I do look like this. On Sunday. When I have to dress up, and squish my huge, puffy feet into real shoes. For the 3 hours of church and then the time it takes to snap a few pictures and rid myself of the entrapment. 
Oh yes, this is more like it! Please note the practically permanent placement of my hands!

Ahhhhh, the comfort.

When even my husband's shirts do not pretend to fit me, we find the rare gem of a t-shirt that does not make me have a Tommy-Boy-fat-girl-in-a-little-shirt moment! 

Luckily my sweetie never minds taking pictures of me, and always makes me smile!

I'm pregnant and I know it!... Look at that belly :)

Fun fact: When Bella saw this shirt she got really excited and pointed at Blue's clue! Why yes, that is a blue paw print! Winner. 

Now. Check out my huge man shoes. These babies are gold, I tell you! 

Have you met my beach ball?

We are so happy to have such a wonderful, healthy baby! Even if, at this point, he is mostly wrapped in old, stained T-shirts!
So yes, this is my reality. And mostly, it doesn't include cute shirts and nice, little skirts. Getting dressed is a fight, almost every day, between me and the wardrobe that just doesn't fit anymore. My back hurts, and I don't remember what my feet used to look like. My hair is constantly up in the messiest bun imaginable and my legs usually un-shaved.

But let me tell you. This reality: it is a good one! My sweet sister reminds me daily how beautiful my pregnancy is and delights in my popping belly button. My mommy constantly provides the calm strength and reassurance I need when I am not sure what to do or expect. My husband looks at me like the most precious thing in the world. He loves my belly, and as one of the few to actually see it, in all its stretch-marked glory, this is saying something! I no longer have to go to work for a million hours a day, and even though it is hard for me to not feel useless, no one minds that I am a bum. I have incredible friends. And amazing family. Plus, this beautiful child inside of me is growing and moving and happy as can be. What more could a girl ask for!

With about 4 weeks to go, we are truckin right along :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

My belly...

... Looks like it was ravaged by some wild beast. Oh stretch marks, how lovely you are. Thank you so much for coming to visit. And what is even better is the knowledge that you will never go away! How generous of you stay... indefinitely :)

...Gets awkwardly numb and tingley when I try and sit in a normal upright position. Apparently this is normal, but you can bet your buttons it sure doesn't feel normal!

... Is most definitely what they like to call a hand-magnet. Luckily though, I have not had to deal with a stranger taking that liberty. I'm sorry no. Just because my tummy is gigantic and has its own gravitational force does not mean that you, person I don't know, can touch it :) Have a nice day.

...Has awesome protrusions when my cute little baybay decides to hang out in my side, which he does quite frequently. I guess I should be proud! He has already learned to choose the right! :) Bahaha, made myself chuckle a little with that one (there is nothing wrong with appreciating your own awesome humor!)

...Is still measuring ahead. For those of you who are unaware: this kid is big. Like so big, that we got an ultrasound to see just how large our monstrosity is... and we are getting yet another ultrasound next week for the same purpose. Ryan and I were both about 10 pounds at birth, so we are pretty much destined to have a chunker! Would you like to see our huge, sweet, and simply perfect baby? Ok, ok, fine... I will show you the most recent pictures! But only because seeing you beg like that is just so pathetic ;)

32 week ultrasound:::
Look at his handsome face!
He has hair!!! :) Those little white squiggles are the proof!
His nose and upper lip
Look at his cute little toesies!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nesting... or not!

I have often heard expectant mothers describe a strange phenomenon, in which they have the overwhelming urge to clean, arrange, rearrange, cook, and in general make the house ready for baby. This, they say, is called nesting. But "this" is completely foreign to me! 

I have no more had the urge to clean like crazy or rearrange furniture, than I have to run a marathon, or slide down a banister of razor blades into a pool of rubbing alcohol... Ok maybe its not quite that drastic. But even now, at 35 weeks, the preparation I have been doing is mostly out of necessity. The reality is this kid is coming and soon. Ready or not... And I think all the involved parties would be much more pleased if we are ready!

The only even slightly nesting-like urge I have noticed, is an increase in my desire to bake... I have always really loved baking and anyone who knows me is well aware of my love affair with the Food Network. Ryan has always wondered why I love watching people cook so much, when we can count the number of times I have cooked in our marriage on one hand! Well recently my passive has become more proactive. It began with some divine lemon ricotta cookies, then picked up speed with a delicious tres leches cake... And the latest creation to emerge from my oven, strawberry lemon yogurt muffins! Because I am so proud of this new development, I feel that it should be documented!  So feast your eyes on this my friends!

We begin with the handy dandy recipe (not as cool as a Handy Dandy Notebook, but then again I am not looking for Blue's Clues!) P.s. Can you tell where my laptop is sitting? Why yes, that is my washing machine... we seriously lack counter space!

Then we need some ingredients... and I am proud to say, we had most of them on hand!

A little mixy-mix and presto!

Bake into these little beauties! 
They totally look like the ones from the pictures in the recipe. Proud? Perhaps!

Add a little lemony glaze...

And try not to eat them all in one sitting!