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Monday, April 16, 2012


Today was a day. Not like a sunshine and rainbows day (although the weather was quite lovely)! But more like a try really hard to be patient as you wait to find out some really important news, but then said news never seems to come and you get really frustrated and consequently have very little patience for the non-direction-following-driving-you-completely-nuts children you call students kind of day...

Call number one took place at 12:31 (See! I told you I was trying really hard to be patient!)
Call number two... also 12:31 (Patience= fail.)
Call number three... 2:22
Call number four... 2:22
Call number five...2:23 (I can only take so much of this!!!)
Call number six... 2:28
Call number seven... 3:10

And what came of these seven calls and my torn and tattered patience. A big fat nothing!

I left school knowing that my doctor's office was closed and I would not be hearing from them until tomorrow. That is not a good feeling.

In case it slipped your mind, today was the day I was to find out the results of my 3 hour glucose test. In other words, I expected to know the future of my relationship with cake, cookies, ice cream and other sugary goodness for the duration of my pregnancy... Gestationally diabetic?!?!? Come on now.

It wasn't until I got home, and helped my sweet husband activate his new phone that we got to hear the most lovely voicemail ever. Oh Summer, your voice has never sounded so sweet! (Summer is my nurse, you kooks.)

So hear it is::: NO NO NO. This is one gestationally diabetic free lady! Break it down! That's what my body does!... to sugar! Woooo! :)

On a more serious sidenote... for those of you who have, or know someone who has, had gestational diabetes: I know, it is not the end of the world. It is perfectly treatable. Generally it ends with pregnancy, and is no big deal. I also do not mean to be a snooty booty, and I hope I don't hurt any feelings! Peace and blessings ya'll!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Things lately

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind. It has seemed like every day is packed with one thing or another. Not really a bad thing, just a busy and tired thing.This lovely Saturday morning my schedule is surprisingly bare, and seeing that I haven't blogged in a bit I will go
ahead and catch ya up on some of the happenings while the food network keeps me company... Stay a while, why dontcha :)

Last week some of my family got the opportunity to go to the temple. Boy how I love that place ---If you are unfamiliar with LDS temples, and would like to find out more you can go here... or here--- and this trip was especially wonderful because it was the first time that my sisters and I got to go all together. Beautiful peace and surrounded by loved ones, I am just not sure it could
get much better.

This trip was also special because it was probably the last time that we will go to the St. Louis temple while still in its district.

Currently the Kansas City Temple is having an Open House. All who want to are invited to tour the lovely building.
I, personally, can't wait to see the brand new temple!

In other news, my little fellow has recently discovered that he can hang out in my side. Naturally, this discovery has brought much testing and trying. Sometimes it feels like he is literally trying to poke right out of my side. Wondering what the coolest and weirdest feeling in the world is?? Let me tell you: Pushing down on the little human inside of you and feeling him squirm all around beneath your fingertips! Amazing.

Our suspicions were confirmed this week. Kiddo does in fact party while we sleep. I generally go to sleep before Ryan and a few days ago, he was resting his hands on my belly while I slept. Gus was just dancing the night away! What a little night owl.

For the most part, we have been showered with good things lately. On less desirable note, this week I received a call from my nurse informing me that I tested right on the line for the glucose screening test. In other words, a longer, more awful test was required to determine if I have gestational diabetes. This delight (dripping with sarcasm) took place yesterday morning. I had to fast (which is pretty much torturous on its own), drink a too sweet drink, and have my blood stolen 4 times. Not to mention the oh-so-entertaining sitting in the waiting room for 3 and a half hours... Results of said test are still to come. Don't worry, I'll let ya know!

I know we are kind of bouncing around today, but like I said I am trying to catch you up!

Husband is gone, away on a scout trip, and I, for the millionth time, am faced with the realization of how blessed I am and how much I truly love him. Next week he will be leaving for more than just one night and I am dreading it. Being the incredibly sweet man that he is, he has volunteered to drive with my mom and sister to Utah! So that means a whole week without my Ryan. I am not sure that survival is possible.

Did you catch the underlying story there??? Next week. Cassie. Utah.

My beautiful, inspiring, dramatic, loving, funny, spiritual, snow-hating, all nanny no fun, adventurous big sister is going to UTAH......... Next week.

I miss her so much all ready that I can't even bare to imagine life without her smiling face for 18 months, but I am so proud of her. Cassie is going to serve a full time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. And what a missionary she will be! The people of the Salt Lake City South Mission are so lucky to have her. But they better not get too used to it! After those 18 months we get her back!!!

Well. The time is drawing near that me and all my girth must be presentable. A beloved family friend is being baptized today! Off I go to begin the unbelievably long process of dressing this baby-bloated body of mine! :)

Hope you enjoyed our time together!