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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ten months.... or so

Oh my my. it seems that I have been either quite busy or quite lazy for the last few weeks... opposites, I know, but either one would explain why my little man is almost 11 months and I have yet to write his ten month update... Hmmm. Lets go with "I have been quite busy lately"... it sounds better than the alternative, dontcha think?!

So yes. Kylan is ten months old. Two to one. Two more months to one year old! And what an exciting time this is!!! Kylan learns new and incredible things ever day, it seems!

By ten months old, Kylan had four teeth. The poor little fellow has been in a pretty constant state of painful teething for the past few weeks. Coupled with his bouts of sickness (he just had a cold a couple of times, nothing major) our sleeping through the night days are long gone. I am staying optimistic, but with only four hours of sleep some nights, I don't think I can afford to be pessimistic about his night time sleep habits, or I might just lose it :)

I am trying to only include his achievements and awesomeness of the ten month old variety, but everything is seeming to blur together... however, I will do the best I can!

At about this time, Kylan and I finally got the rhythm of only two naps a day down. He is an excellent napper, and a pro at putting himself to sleep... which is a great blessing.

Kiddo pretty much rules the roost. We often refer to His Adorableness as, The Dictator... and believe me, you do not want to upset The Dictator. You take something away from him, even something potentially dangerous, and he is not afraid to make his displeasure known!

Kylan stands by himself more and more every day. Most of the time when I look over at him, there he is completely engrossed in whatever object he is holding, standing there unsupported! It is both exciting and sometimes frightening! He has even gotten to the point where if he wobbles or loses his balance, he is able to correct it without support or assistance. And when the unsteadiness will not be denied, he is a professional faller :)

Kylan is definitely in the "stranger danger" and "seperation anxiety" phase... He will smile and flirt shyly like nobody's business, but you try to hold him and oh man. Let the crying and flailing commence! Don't feel too bad though strangers, even Daddy gets this reaction sometimes... This mama is pretty much the all time winner! He sure does love his Daddy, but there are somethings only Mama can fix, and sometimes only Mama is good enough.... and believe me Mama does not mind one bit!

I am so grateful for this little guy and I cannot believe that he is nearly one year old!!!

Luckily I was not so lazy.... er, um... I mean busy... and did in fact take his ten month pictures on time :)