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Me: Kellie, Wife, Mommy, and so much more

Our Boy: Kylan, the cutest little man ever

Our Girl: Rosie, tiny, precious, and full of spunk

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Life under a rock...

That is the only excuse I have for not posting in forever! But I feel like it is a pretty good one and I'd like to see you do better... there are two spots in my home where--- if you hold the phone just so, squint your eyes, wiggle your left pinky toe and keep the rest of your body perfectly still, think really good thoughts and sweet talk it (the phone, the service, anything!) a little--- you can get A bar of service... Just enough to send a quick text or wait a few minutes to receive one. But don't go too crazy and try to make a phone call. We are modest folk here. We don't have such modern conveniences....

Here is a quick update from my Cubican and me...

Ryan was called as an assistant varsity coach in boy scouts... apparently that just means he is the assistant leader person for the kiddos in the teachers quorum on Wednesdays. What it also means though, is that I am off the hook as far as camping goes. Before we got married, Ryan told me that we need to go camping at least once a month. BAHAHA. I don't think so. Camping and this girl are two things that just do not go together. I am more of a showers and electricity kind of gal... So now, he gets his monthly campout and I get to sleep on a bed, not the dirty ground.

Last week Ryan went on the "High Adventure" outing... this means longer, dirtier, and more dangerous camping trips in an attempt to keep the silly teenage boys from becoming bored. 5 day, 100 mile canoe trip. He had a blast, and I missed him like mad.

Luckily I got to babysit my niece, Ellie, for the majority of the week. Days full of cute baby antics and nights full of Food Network with Kristine! Practically perfect... except for the whole no-husband thing!

And next week it is on to a new adventure! My teaching job starts the 16th. Crazy nervous, but mostly excited... I AM A REAL LIVE TEACHER!!! Yay! But for now its back to job hunting (for the hubby) and taco-making for me!

"Hi, how are you?... Good, what can we get for you today?..." the dialog I repeat all too often!


  1. I love you and I miss you. But I hate your house that has driven you back to the dark ages. I like your posts though. They are funny :)