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Friday, November 30, 2012

'Tis the season

I have always really loved the holiday season. It is beautiful, magical, sincere, heart-warming, full of cute coats, snazzy scarves, and of course tons of boots, apple cider, eggnog, cookies galore, people are nicer, the music is better ... all things good! The past few weeks, though, I have been thinking... and I am pretty sure that I love it even more now, as an adult, than I did when I was younger! Who woulda thought?

When I was little, Thanksgiving meant no school and delicious food. Nothing wrong with that, right? Then when I went away to college, Thanksgiving meant that the semester was almost over. It was the beginning of the light at the end of the tunnel. It meant that for the next several months the only ground to be seen would most definitely be snow-covered (for, by November there is just no melting away in Rexburg!). And most importantly it meant going home to see my family. Last year, I was pregnant... Food. Thanksgiving meant food. And sleeping in. (I hope that this is not misleading. I am not really so shallow as to let the true meaning of the season escape me. I have always sincerely loved that there is a whole day devoted to family and being grateful for all our countless blessings)

Nowadays, I am in not in school, I work full time as a mama (which basically means I have the best job ever!), there is no snow, and I see my family pretty regularly.

This year, I have been so in love with the season and I think I know why. I was a kid with no money, I was a poor college student, I was working and pregnant... Now I LOVE being able to really contribute and show my love for my family and friends by giving of my time and talents! I tell you what, its just beautiful. Simply, purely beautiful.

I loved cooking for Thanksgiving and I am already looking forward to what I will be making for Christmas dinner. I am so excited about the gifts I am making for Christmas I could almost pee my pants!... Yesterday I got pretty much all of our Christmas shopping done, and thanks to Pinterest I am going to spend the next few weeks completing the wonderful things I have planned for my family. Its all very hush hush, sneaky peeky right now, but after Christmas I will show all you folks my charming creations!

Basically I am just so thoroughly pleased with the time of year. I am incredibly blessed. I love you people and I am grateful that I get to share the good, the sometimes not so good, the funny and the real with you! Happy Friday friends!

Oh. p.s. We took some Christmas pictures of little man (its his first one afterall!!!). Oh boy. Words cannot express. So I will show you. I want to do some editing so this is just a tiny sneak peek!

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