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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Half Birthday!

Last Monday was Kylan's half birthday! And let me tell you, he is rockin six months! Every day he amazes me, and every day I am eternally grateful that I get to be his mama.

We have had some pretty big changes this last month. Ryan started his new job, so he no longer works nights... which we LOVE! He is now doing a Spanish speaking customer support type job, which we also LOVE. I am excited that he will be able to use his Spanish everyday. And then of course there were the holidays! I made some pretty fun things, and I shall eventually get around to showing you them!

And as for Little Man. Oh boy. This past month has seen so many new things. 

He just had his check up today! Never fear, he is still a baby giant :) He is 18.2 pounds (which is pretty average) and.... wait for it..... 28.75 inches tall! (which is pretty much way above average!) Oh how I love this guy. Shots, however, we are definitely not a fan of! Thankfully at his 9 month check up there will be no needles! 

He has been teething like mad, but he is still an angel. Basically he is just a lot more slobbery than he used to be. He hasn't begun the actual cutting of the teeth yet, so we will see how that goes when the time comes! 

He is ridiculously mobile nowadays. (Trying to take his six months pictures was quite the adventure... Staying perfectly situated on the blanket and making adorable facial expressions is definitely a thing of the past. Now its all about how far he can scooch, trying with all his might to get the camera, and rolling up in the blanket!) He discovered rolling to be quite the effective means of transportation. But he has also been scooting and wiggling, and I imagine crawling is not too far off! He can hang out for a little while on his hands and knees, but doesn't really know what to do once he is there. There have been more than a few entertaining (and harmless) face-plants recently! He does this little dance, wiggles his bum around and wiggles his legs forward... but then because he hasn't figured out how to move his hands yet, things pretty much always end in a tumble! 

He really loves being on his tummy, but also has a profound love of being on his back and arching up. He quite literally lifts his whole body off the floor and balances on his feet and head in this adorable little backbend. It used to drive me crazy, because, well, it just doesn't look that comfortable! But I figure, if it hurt, he probably wouldn't do it.

He still loves bath time! Now rather than just laying there and kicking his feet, he has really begun to play and splash and explore. In fact getting him to lay down, even for just a second so I can rinse his hair, is quite the chore. He's got a mind of his own, for sure!

He can sit up for little bits of time, but he still needs some support, especially because he tends to lose his balance whenever he gets excited or sees something he wants.

He is sleeping well at night and... no longer wants to be swaddled! Oh man. Let me tell you. It was a sad day for me, when he fussed and fussed every time I put him down because he did not want to be wrapped up. Small, little, new babies like to be swaddled. Kylan has always loved it. But alas.... while he is still small, little, and new to me... he is not so much those things in babyland. 

This past month Ryan and I got the opportunity to go see Wicked with my sister and her husband. The only hitch was that it was showing in St. Louis... which is 4 hours from where we live. And apparently Broadway and off-Broadway, they are baby-haters alike, and also extremely snooty booty about such things. So Kylan couldn't even go in the building, let alone to the actual show. Which presented a problem! But with the help of my incredible mother, father, and niece, (and a wonderful little breastpump) we were able to go defy gravity and have one short day in the emerald city! It was extremely hard for me to be away from Kylan, but I am grateful to have family whom I love and trust enough to care for my sweet little one! 

He loves people and is still a huge (and practically non-stop) flirt. It is funny to see the look of surprise on people's faces when they happen to glance at him and see that he is smiling his little face off at them. He has a tractor beam or something, because he just draws you in and I'm telling you, resistance is futile. 

We have yet to venture into the world of food with this little guy. Mostly I just don't think he needs it yet... We did get a Baby Bullet for Christmas though! I say "we" because even though it was technically for him, I am pretty sure he finds the box more exciting than the actual machine inside... I, however, I am super excited to get to make all sorts of homemade deliciousness for kiddo when we do decide to start eating solids! 

It has been a glorious six months!

Some behind the scenes pictures... Like I said, gone are the days of laying still!

Trying so hard to get the lens cap...

His incredible back-arching skills!

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