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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Whole World.

Its amazing to me. I just can't get enough of this whole being a mom thing. And I was thinking how it just changes your whole world.

I mean, you get so huge that you are practically your own planet (at least I did!), and then suddenly, and instantly (if not painlessly) the world shrinks. It becomes so small you can hold it in your arms.

Right now my world is:

---A perfect little boy with curious, deep, dark blue eyes and a smile that melts my heart. Monkey toes, and fingers with fuzz from his blanket in between them. Crazy, adorable, soft, and fluffy hair. The most precious voice. A little bit of Heaven in the cutest little package.

---Schooling Ryan at Mario Kart, Mario Party, Super Mario Bros... Pretty much all things Mario... Cuddling during naptime. And just generally soaking in every bit of time I get with Ryan before he starts his new job and I never get to see him. Family + School + Work = A very busy mister and not a whole lot of time for anything! Its for the birds, I tell you. (But then again so is living in a tree, which is something we would like to avoid... so working and school and all that jazz is kind of a must...)

---Times: Tummy Time, Bath Time, Sleepy Time, Eating Time, Play Time, Nap Time, Nakey Time (Strictly for babies only!), Diaper Changing Time...

---My apartment, that is slowly, but surely getting unpacked, and which I practically never leave.

---Netflix, I will admit I am quite the junkie. I have blown through Wildfire, Bones, The 10th Kingdom, and Alphas. Currently I am re-watching One Tree Hill.

---Nachos and fig newtons. Not the healthiest of diets I agree, but verrrry tasty.

Yes, its true. My world has become quite smallish and cozy. I like it here though and I think perhaps I will stay!

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  1. I love monkey toes and schooling boys at video games... And 10th Kingdom! Love you!