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Sunday, September 30, 2012

3+ Months!

Earlier last week (Wednesday, to be exact) my Goofy Gus turned a whole, big THREE months old. Each time I write one of these monthly updates, it completely overwhelms me. I simply can't believe that it has been three months already, but then there is also the contradicting sensation that he has always been here and the tendency to forget how life was even possible before this little squirming monster came.

Before we get to the real reason we are all here (my impossibly cute little squirt), how about some nice family news...

Recently Ryan has started working nights. It's pretty hard on us, because our time together was so limited before and now we don't even get to sleep at the same time. We are working to adjust to this new schedule and basically where it leaves us, is with a whole lot of Mama/Baby time and the hugest of smiles when Daddy walks in.

Thanks to the inspiration of my meal planning sista, I have started making dinner most nights. Most of you are probably aware of my deep and abiding love for the Food Network, and you probably also know that despite this love, I very rarely cook. Not because I don't like to, I just have a hard time finding the motivation or drive or magic fairy dust to get it done; especially since there are always nachos and sandwiches! But I am really trying harder and so far so good. Kylan doesn't really care too much, he gets yummy milk either way, but Ryan sure does appreciate my efforts.

Now that the basic family update is out of the way, I shall do some.... well, not bragging... let's call it, unbiased informing of my child's brilliance! :)

Kylan hasn't had a doctor's appointment recently so I am not sure of his stats exactly, but the kid is not exactly small... but he sure is perfect. I am estimating that he is maybe 15 pounds and probably over 26 inches long.

He has been developing his singing and dancing skills! He looooves music and he loves it when I sing to him. It is so fun to watch his smiles and see his eyes light up.

His streak of 45 minute naps (rather than the lovely hour and half beauties that he really needs) is continuing, but he is also killing it on the sleeping through the night front! We had a patch of sickness and growth spurting that interrupted our nights for a few days, but we seem to be running smooth again. He sleeps a nice 10 hour stretch, eats and then sleeps a few more hours.

As you probably read, he is rolling over like a stud. He rolls from his back to his tummy. I read in some article online that usually they roll from their stomach to their back first, but what can I say, my kid is a trail-blazer. He goes his own way :) I have yet to get his rolly polly olly action on video, but I shall so never fear!

We go on walks almost every day, and he simply loves being outside. I have been bitten to hades and back, but luckily the mosquitoes have left him alone!

Kylan still loves standing and is able to hold more of his weight and do so for longer periods of time! He is just so stinkin awesome. He also jumps like a little kangaroo and looooves it.

He is beginning to use his hands more to grab things. It is so fun and exciting to watch him grow and develop! The other day I got out some toys that I forgot we had, on the package they said "3+ Months"... I was so excited to see him start playing with them. Kiddo looooves to clasp his hands together and what was so precious is that even when he was reaching for his little keys, he kept his cute little hands together in a sweet little fist!

He smiles and laughs and squeaks and squeals all the time. He has the most precious little voice and I love watching his face light up when he smiles.

There are probably a million more things that I could gush about but I don't suppose you people would enjoy that quite as much as I would :)

So instead I will share pictures of my little 3 month old piece of heaven.

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  1. Ephraim is 3 months today! I loooooove it! They are so much fun!