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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A month or two!

Gus is now two months old! He even had his check up last Thursday, so it's definitely official. (p.s. Watching your sweet little baby get shots? No. Actually that doesn't even cover it. Having to restrain your sweet little baby so they can stab him with a needle multiple times? Pretty much the worst thing ever. He cried. I cried. It was awful.)

Back to my point: I can't believe he is getting so big! Holy moly.

So what is my big guy up to these days? You may not actually want to know but I am going to tell you anyway!

Little man is now a pro at holding his head up! He can even do so while being lifted like an adorable smiling little airplane and at a 45 degree angle... His daddy likes to joke about how he longs to actually take flight and be tossed in the air. Luckily for Gus, Ryan knows I would kick his cute brown butt if he ever even attempted to try to maybe do such a thing!

Kylan is talking more and more each day it seems. One of my favorite things to do is lay in bed and listen to him talk when he wakes up from his nap. He goos and gaas, ooos and ahhs in the most enchanting manner. I could listen to that forever!

He eats his hands pretty much every chance he gets, even when they are wrapped up in his blanket :) And he LOVES holding his hands in front of him, on his chest. Its pretty much the most adorable thing ever. He is learning to swat at things and when we have Tummy Time he tries pushing himself up.

Thanks to Pinterest, I found this awesome site with activities to do with your 0-6 month old! I have been loving it. Our favorites are the ones using a ball. Kylan just loves it and I love being able to interact with my little one so much. I sit him in his little bouncy chair, put the ball on his feet and ... kick kick kick! Just like when the little man was in my belly! :)

He loves standing and trying to support himself with his big, strong legs! Just recently he has began jumping too which is sooooo fun!

He sleeps through the night pretty fantastically. Of course for a 2 month old that means about 5 hours at a time in between feedings. I tell you what, the first time he did this, I seriously just about had a heart attack. I am definitely a worrying mother! It took a lot of convincing on my own mother's part to get me to let the little guy sleep more than 3 hours at a time. For quite some time I would set my alarm and if he didn't wake up to eat I would get him up and feed him anyway. And even now I am a huge stresser-outer if he goes longer than I think he should without eating (although my 13 pound 10 ounce kid is clearly not starving!)

Hey I think I forgot to mention the most recent stats! As of last week, he is, yes, a whopping 13 pounds and 10 ounces (that's 4 pounds of weight gain-age since birth!) and 25.5 inches long (3 inches longer than at birth)... He is my perfect little big baby.

There is no way I could sum up the most wonderful two months (and some change) ever, but this is a start... Oh how I love motherhood.

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  1. I can't wait to have baby so I can write awesome posts like this! Love you!