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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Baby is

....... A rolly polly olly! 

Yep that's right. Houston, we have lift off. 

After about a week of me hovering over the little one with my camera, in anticipation of this exciting milestone, he rolled over today... when my camera was absolutely not out! Little stinker :)

My Goofy Gus has not been napping well. He used to be the king of naps, but just recently he has forsaken that title in favor of rinky dink half hour naps. My mom and sister assured me that this lapse in napping royalty was because he was about to reach a big milestone: Flipping like a little self-propelled pancake! I have been helping him practice and giving him plenty of playtime on the floor. And it was not for naught! 

This morning he managed to kick off my leg and launch himself from his back onto his tummy. I was so excited, but I wanted to see if he could do it without using my leg to give himself that extra boost. I flipped him over and waited to see if he would do it again, but alas. Instead he decided he was done playing on the floor and announced this decision to me quite loudly. 

We continued on with our lovely day. Went to the store (which I seriously hate doing). Went on a walk (which I looooove doing). Got ready for bed.... and then WHAMMO! One second he is smiling and talking to me and the next he is on his tummy. 

My little man is just brilliant. I was so excited when he turned over, but the best part came later. Thirty minutes later, when we were snuggling, he had the most enchanting smile that would not leave his face. I could tell that he was so happy and proud of himself. A-Mazing! 

Right after he flipped over... I wasn't able to get a video like I had hoped  but thats ok!

Working on trying to get his cute little arm out!

Cutest boy ever. 
I am one proud mama!

p.s. Kiddo will be THREE months old tomorrow!!! 

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