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Our Girl: Rosie, tiny, precious, and full of spunk

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break...

Last week was wonderful. Spending time with my sweet friends, family, and of course Ryan. Sleeping in, or something like unto it. Lovely weather. Countless walks, and trips to Ava Drug. Getting stuff done around the house.... Blissful.

But oh Spring Break, how you have turned against me. You have completely obliterated any remaining desire to work that I had left. And let me tell you. That sucker was pretty scarce to begin with! Gus and I got so used to your delicious warmth, and your sweetly empty schedule. How could you betray us this way.

Needless to say, returning to work this morning was less than delightful. I am even more grateful now, after the small taste I had last week, that I will be able to stay home with my little guy. Gus is very grateful too, I can tell. He hated going back to work today as much as I did; he was kickin up a storm in protest all day long!

p.s. We finally put the crib together... and by "we" I mean Ryan! :)


  1. yay for a crib, and yay for not having to work in the near-ish future. good luck finishing it up!

    1. I seriously can't wait! I am very grateful for my job, but I am even more grateful that it is only temporary! I love you Cassie Kinghorn!