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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My first

.... trip to the hospital.

I have never really had any serious health issues. Never any broken bones or severe illness. Thus I have never been to the hospital, for myself. Obviously I have physically gone to a hospital before, but not quite like this.

Before you start to get to concerned, Baby and I are both just fine!

Also. This post may contain some TMI moments, be warned :)

On the way to school today, I started getting really uncomfortable. And when we got out of the car I realized that not only was it uncomfortable it was down right painful! I was having some not fun cramping in my abdomen and lower back pain. It pretty much felt like an awful period. Only part of the pregnancy bit, is.... no periods! So after some phone calls, crying (the waterworks are never far away!), a conversation with my extremely understanding principal, and a little bit of wait time, I was on my way in to get checked out.

When we got to the hospital (after an hour and a half drive), they needed a urine sample. Of course. When you are pregnant, everybody wants your pee! And peeing in those silly cups becomes a mastered skill to be proud of... Well I knew, when I saw that little cup that there was something wrong. Pee should not be grapefruit colored. Long story short, UTI's can cause cramping and there is a chance I may get to experience pain like-unto childbirth a little early. I've heard passing kidney stones is comparable...

The highlight to this exhausting day, our own sweet, silver lining,:::
After I got all settled in my glamorous hospital gown, they hooked up the fetal heart monitor, as well as some other weird medical device (the one that told them that I was having uterine distress, but not actual contractions). What this means, is that for about half an hour to 45 minutes, Ryan and I got to listen to our little boy's heartbeat. Oh the best sound in the world. We could also hear when he moved around. And the cherry on top, our kid has spunk. He did not want that monitor on him, so naturally he kept trying to kick it off. ADORABLE. We got to watch my belly and the monitor do a crazy little dance while our rascal tried to rid himself of the annoyance. Amazing. Watching my belly is sure to be my new favorite pass time.

This is my kid. He makes my tummy big. We are glad he is safe and sound in there!!!

That is my first ever hospital bracelet thingy! I am quite the nerd, this I know, but I am still wearing it. I have never had one of these guys before!

This is my amazing husband. After picking me up from work, comforting me through the whole hospital ordeal, taking me to Burger King (love love love) and getting my prescription... He went straight to work making dinner for the missionaries. I am not sure how it happened, but I could never express how blessed I am to be married to this incredible man.

At the end of this day, we are so glad all is well. Hope your day was less eventful :)

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