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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oh Boy!

There is a human inside of me. This thought never ceases to amaze me. And on Thursday, we had the incredible opportunity to see this tiny little human. Let me tell you. So Beautiful. I know this baby. I love this baby. Every thought seems to have some consideration given to this small child. Giving in to my McDonald's cravings seem so selfish knowing that it is not just me that needs the nutrition. Every time I get into a car, so does my baby, and there is no way I want my baby going over the speed limit! There are countless other examples, but needless to say, Baby Aguiar is much than just a smallish bump in my midsection. And getting to see this little angel was truly a miracle!

Weighing in at 1 pound and 3 ounces, Baby Aguiar no longer has to be called an “it”…. Ok fine. We have been calling him a boy for quite sometime, but now we don’t have to feel bad about it (on account of we know that for sure that this kid does in fact have a penis!).

I feel so blessed. I love my sweet baby boy so much, and his daddy can still take my breath away with a simple smile. What more could a girl ask for?

For those of you who think ultrasound pictures are creepy (my husband would most definitely be in this category...) feel free to stop here! I'm about to show off my little cutie!

Sweet little arm.
And a foot, man have I felt those little tootsies kickin!
That would be my handsome little man's ear.
Backbone, and spine.... curling right around to his little bum!
The goods! This kid was not shy at all.
Charming little face. The arrow is pointing to his upper lip, and then that is his little nosey!
A nice profile, with his hand up by his face... deep in thought I'm sure.


  1. I love it :) I don't think they're creepy at all... So amazingly precious! Darling little cutsie!

  2. I think he's trying to pick his nose in that last one ;) I'm so excited for you guys! YAY!