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Friday, February 1, 2013

Seven Months!!!

This month has been such an exciting one! I am so grateful that I am able to stay home with my little man. I love seeing each tiny little thing he learns, and he learns something new every single day!

If we were rounding, we are definitely closer to one year than we are to birth. Oh man, now that is a crazy thought! My little niece, Claire, just turned one and I tell you what I do not think I am ready for Kylan to be so grown up!

Kylan is almost 29 inches and weighs 18 pounds and 9 ounces. Oh how I love this skinny little giant of mine.

He is now fitting in 12 month clothing, and has pretty much out grown all things 6 months. He is most definitely ready for his new carseat, and really the only reason he isn't already using it is.... a big fat lot of procrastination on my part. But those days are done. Kiddo just doesn't want to be in his little bitty seat anymore.

About a week after Kylan turned six months old, he joined the army... crawlers that is! So the beginning of this new year also marked the beginning of chasing him around, babyproofing, and vacuuming like mad (Like all the way down the hallway. This is serious business! I am not generally an everyday kind of vacuumer, but Kylan has taken it upon himself to help me become one)... I love watching him use his little arms and legs. He gets up on his hands and knees really well too. Used to be that he would just hang out on all fours, but then when he wanted to move he would drop to his tummy. Here lately he is able to move his legs forward, and he is even getting the hang of moving his hands forward. He just needs to put it all together and we will be in full-blown crawling mode!

*Update!!! I wrote most of this post last week and have just been waiting to publish it till I got a new memory card to take Kylan's seven month pictures.... point being: He crawled!!! This morning (1/30/13) he crawled. Seriously. We are talkin hands and knees people! So exciting :) I can't even believe how big this kid is!

The middle of January (Monday the 14th, not that we really need to be that specific) Kylan began making consonant sounds and babbling. I love everything he does, but this. Oh dear, this is just so cute. Mostly he says "ba ba ba" --- My family likes to make fun of me, because I make the distinction... its not so much a baw; it is a short 'a' kind of ba... but they can ba-ba-ba-bite me. Yeah, Mom and Katie I am talking to you! :) My kid says ba! Bahaha alright, stepping off my babbling soapbox--- He has also been know to stick his tongue out while talking (which is my favorite!) so it sounds more like "blab blab blab". And just the other day he discovered how to make the /m/ sound so we heard a little bit of "ma ma ma" action. I love his little voice. I really don't care what he is saying, it is music to my ears!

He loves seeing his daddy (daddy equals instant smile!), reading stories, taking baths, listening to music, watching his mama dance like a crazy lady, playing with his toys, eating everything he can get his hands on, looking out the window, and rolling all over the place.... but I think I must say, his favorite pastime is getting into anything and everything that he is not supposed to! Somehow all babies seem to be programmed to instantly find all of the "not for babies" objects within a 10 foot radius.

Still no food going on here, I kept thinking "Oh, seven months sounds like a good time to start food..." but then out of no where seven months was like a week away, and now that it is here I am still not sure I want to go down that road yet! Maybe seven and a half months? :) Although we have made some progress! I unwrapped my Baby Bullet, continued falling madly in love with it, and poured over the little recipe book! While I may not be super enthusiastic about the actual feeding him real food business, I am ecstatic about the prospect of making his baby food. Strange, I know. But I haven't been the most logical lady my entire life, why start now! :)

Kylan sleeps 10-12 hours straight pretty much every night. And he is a pro at putting himself to sleep for his naps nowadays. There are still days, more often than I would like, where he is convinced that 5:30 is a good time to wake up in the morning, but hey there are worse things!

Kylan still loves being held. I was afraid that as he became more and more mobile that he would like being held less, but so far that is not the case! He especially loves to snuggle when he wakes up from his nap. In fact, if you even try putting him down, he let's you know, quite loudly, that he is just not okay with that plan! Ryan and I both love to take advantage of this time. There is just nothing better than a snuggly baby.

Behind the scenes of a squirmy worm photo shoot!

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