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Me: Kellie, Wife, Mommy, and so much more

Our Boy: Kylan, the cutest little man ever

Our Girl: Rosie, tiny, precious, and full of spunk

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Friday, February 22, 2013 glad you were born!

LOVE this day.

My mom has always been there for me. But not only that, I know she will always be there for me. My number one cheerleader. The things I am most proud of, the accomplishments in my life that mean the most to me, all of them, I know I could not have achieved without my mom. She is the most wonderful, selfless, amazing woman I know.

My mom is a mother. Sounds redundant, I know. But I think that if a stranger were to spend one minute talking with my mother this fact would be instantly clear. She is my mother, its true. But if you limited the number of children she has been a mother to simply by recognizing only those who she actually gave birth to, you would be leaving out countless individuals. People who were lost, and found their way because of her. People who needed love, and for whom she made room in her heart, so they would always have a place to call home. People who were scared, and she comforted. People who felt worthless, but because of her were able to see a small glimpse of what their Heavenly Father sees in them. People whose lives were changed because she was willing to give them a chance. 

My mom is also a grandmother. I am so grateful, and I know my siblings feel the same way, that my children have this incredible lady in their lives! 

My mom is smart. She loves reading and she loves writing. She loves learning and growing. She loves teaching. So much of what I know to be true, I have learned from my mother. 

My mom is funny. Seriously, this woman is a hoot. 

My mom is strong, and selfless. She is beautiful and humble. She is everything I want to be. 

Chris, Christine, Christy, Sister Clubb, Mom, Mother, Mama, Lady, Nanny, Nay-nay. 
Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday. I love you so. 

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