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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Maybe Christmas doesn't come from a store...

Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more!

This year we had such a wonderful Christmas. Like I have previously expressed... I simply LOVE the holidays! And this year I was almost to the pee-my-pants level of excitement! Of course in true Kellie-style I procrastinated to the last minute and ended up have to work late into the night to have everything wrapped and ready for Christmas day. We had planned on staying at my parent's house Monday night, but that got thrown out the window when I realized how much crafting I still had to do! I finally went to bed around 3 or 4 in the morning, then when Kylan woke up I fed him and we headed over to my parents house.

The most wonderful gift this year came in the form of a couple of phone calls and a good hour or two of Facetime! We got to see the most beautiful and purely magnificent sister missionary in the whole world! And the part I was most excited about???... I got to introduce Kylan to his wonderful Auntie Cass. I have such a testimony of missionary work, and I know without a doubt that my sister is exactly where Heavenly Father wants her to be. It was a wonderful blessing to get to share the day with her, even when she is so far away! Way to go modern technology!

I did quite a bit of handcrafting for Christmas this year. In fact everything I sent Cassie, I made. I forgot to take pictures of those beauties but I did think ahead and get some pictures of some of the other things I made. My mom and dad got Ryan and I a sewing machine for Christmas, and because my mama loves me so, she let me have it early and I put it to good use! So here are some of my Christmas projects... Because I am so proud of them!

For my mama and daddy :)

This is the little pillow monster, Monte, I made for Bella

Sparkly pink play dough for Elle Belle

For my Katie sister

Naomi loooves carrying purses around, and it is pretty much one of the cutest things ever... So naturally I had to make her some. 

And just because he is really cute... of course... my cute little Christmas kiddo!

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