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Thursday, May 24, 2012

My belly...

... Looks like it was ravaged by some wild beast. Oh stretch marks, how lovely you are. Thank you so much for coming to visit. And what is even better is the knowledge that you will never go away! How generous of you stay... indefinitely :)

...Gets awkwardly numb and tingley when I try and sit in a normal upright position. Apparently this is normal, but you can bet your buttons it sure doesn't feel normal!

... Is most definitely what they like to call a hand-magnet. Luckily though, I have not had to deal with a stranger taking that liberty. I'm sorry no. Just because my tummy is gigantic and has its own gravitational force does not mean that you, person I don't know, can touch it :) Have a nice day.

...Has awesome protrusions when my cute little baybay decides to hang out in my side, which he does quite frequently. I guess I should be proud! He has already learned to choose the right! :) Bahaha, made myself chuckle a little with that one (there is nothing wrong with appreciating your own awesome humor!)

...Is still measuring ahead. For those of you who are unaware: this kid is big. Like so big, that we got an ultrasound to see just how large our monstrosity is... and we are getting yet another ultrasound next week for the same purpose. Ryan and I were both about 10 pounds at birth, so we are pretty much destined to have a chunker! Would you like to see our huge, sweet, and simply perfect baby? Ok, ok, fine... I will show you the most recent pictures! But only because seeing you beg like that is just so pathetic ;)

32 week ultrasound:::
Look at his handsome face!
He has hair!!! :) Those little white squiggles are the proof!
His nose and upper lip
Look at his cute little toesies!

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