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Sunday, January 29, 2012

What I love about Sunday...

I love Sundays. The Sabbath is probably my favorite day of the week. For several reasons, including but not limited to the following:::

I get to sleep in (which means I wake up at 6, and then make myself go back to sleep until about 8) and still have time to eat some cereal and take my time getting dressed for church, which usually consists of several wardrobe changes!

My sweet husband generally has Sundays off. This means that for one day a week I get to spend the whole day with him. Priceless!

My sister makes delicious food. This happens pretty much everyday, and I partake of said delicious food most days but... the difference is that on Sundays I don't have to feel bad about mooching off of my little sister! Yay!

Sunday naps. Enough said.

Annnnd. Church. You thought I was going to forget that one didn't you?
Every week I get to go to a place where I can always feel the Spirit. I get to partake of the Sacrament. I get to sing hymns that touch me in a way that only music can. I get to hear wonderful and prayerfully prepared messages. I get to see what adorable things my nieces will be wearing. I get to spend two hours with some of the cutest and funniest toddlers in the world. I get to be in choir. I get to see the amazing people that I love so much, my ward family.

I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I know who I am. I know God's plan. I'll follow Him in faith. I am so grateful for this gospel, this "good news." It makes my week, every week.

And now... I get to enjoy some of the priceless downtime with my husband. Eating this!
That right there, is what I call proof that my husband is the most wonderful. Half PB & J, half meat and cheese. Just because he loves me.

Happy Sabbath!

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