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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The gift of weeping.

When I was in Young Women’s we had a lesson on spiritual gifts. It was then that I realized how immensely gifted I am. Hidden in among the gifts of healing and being healed, of faith and love, was a gift I had never heard of before, but most definitely possess.

The gift of weeping.

There you have it. Anyone who has been around me, for more than an hour, has probably seen me cry. And as it turns out, all these years, I have just been perfecting my talents. Use it, or lose it they say… and let me tell you! This gift isn’t goin anywhere!

As I’m sure you can imagine… Pregnancy has only enhanced my natural gifts. For instance, before I cried over movies, books, good news, bad news… I cried when I was too tired, or when I had just had enough… things like that! Ohhhh. But now! Wooo baby. I cry over losing the remote. I cry when I find the remote. I cry when I hear Taylor Swift songs, not the sad ones, the happy, sweet and sappy ones… I cry when I forget my water bottle. The list goes on and on!

Its ok people. You can be jealous that I am so gifted!

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